Members of West U Methodist and every United Methodist Church make a sacred promise to God and to the community of faith, agreeing to be held accountable for the following commitment.

We commit to:

  • accept God’s free gift of freedom and power to turn away from evil

  • profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior 

  • believe in a Christian faith as contained in the Bible and 

  • live a Christian life.

Upon joining, candidates answer this question:

Will you faithfully participate in the ministries of the United Methodist Church and West University United Methodist Church by your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service, and your witness?

The membership process is designed to fit your special situation. Here are some of the situations and how you can follow through on your decision:

adults 1.jpg

A baptized Christian member of another church who has visited West U Methodist and is prepared to accept our membership vows:

You may transfer your membership by completing the back of a visitors card (found in a pew pocket) and bringing it forward to a pastor during the song or hymn at the end of any regular worship service.

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A baptized adult (seventh grade or older) in any Christian denomination who believes in Jesus Christ but has never joined a church:

You are invited to join West U Methodist by “profession of faith.” You will be asked to answer a question of faith prior to taking the membership vows. Students and adults are encouraged to discuss their decision with a pastor prior to membership.

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An adult (seventh grade or older) who has never been baptized but believes in Jesus Christ and wants to take membership vows:

You are invited to join West U Methodist through baptism and profession of faith. Speak with a pastor to discuss your faith and schedule baptism.

A sixth grader who is not confirmed:

  • Sixth graders are invited to participate in Sunday morning classes to learn more about the Christian faith and the church. In May each year, confirmands are invited to receive baptism (if they have not been previously baptized in a Christian denomination), profess their faith, and become full members of the church.

 Infants and children through fifth grade:

  • Parents are invited to present their children for baptism. Contact a pastor to schedule your child’s baptism.

For more information on Holy Baptism or membership contact Senior Pastor, Dr. Linda Christians.