001 WUM Staff Dr. Linda Christians.jpg

Dr. Linda Christians

Senior Pastor

Rev. William Lucas

Associate Pastor

Tristan Anderson

Facilities/Sports Manager

Moria Bell

Office Manager

Cara Bevill

Director of WUM School/Wedding Coordinator

Tracy Bond

Nursery Coordinator

Zola Cater

Accounting Assistant

Stephanie Chapel

Graphic Artist

Elenor Coursey


Brian Davis

Contemporary Worship Leader

WUM Staff-Desiree.jpg

Desiree Delasbour

Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries

WUM Staff-Jose.jpg

Jose Espinal


WUM Staff-Raina.jpg

Reina Espinal


Brandt Henley

Assistant Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Lynne Jackson

Director of Music Ministries

Maria Rodriguez


Vicky Savage

Director of Children’s Ministries

Shelby Smolen

Director of Youth Ministries

Adam Stanley

Sound & Media Coordinator


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